Rede Advisers Ltd (previously HFK (Rutherford Rede) Ltd) is a private company providing comprehensive financial planning advice for individuals, families and businesses. It has been operating since November 2003 and moved into brand new professional offices in the city in April 2017.  


The principal advisers of Rede Advisers are Michael Shears, Scott Stokes and Steve Benton who are experienced qualified financial planners.  Prior to the formation of this company, Steve was a director and shareholder of Rutherford Rede (Christchurch) Ltd for ten years.


We are often asked where the 'Rede' in our name comes from.  It is an old-English word meaning:


  • to prepare a plan or method, 
  • to set in order and arrange, 
  • to give counsel and advice, and 
  • to take care of and protect.


Our Professional Standards:

Rede Advisers is a specialist financial planning and investment advisory business and we provide a comprehensive range of financial services. The professional standards which Rede adheres to include:


  • Best Practice - advisers are required to follow internal "best practice" procedures, which are designed to protect the interests of clients and ensure the best service possible.
    • Continuing Education - all advisers are required to undertake ongoing professional development to ensure that they have the competence, knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive financial planning advice to clients; keep abreast of new developments in financial markets and to enable continuous improvement in all that we do.

      Current minimum continuing education requirements are:          

          * AFA - at least 30 hours of structured professional development every two years.
          * Financial Advice NZ - at least 60 hours of continuing professional development every two years, 30 of which must be structured.


  • Technology - all staff are required to adopt new technology and use it to maximise operational efficiency in servicing clients.
  • Competitive - fees charged by Rede are fully disclosed, transparent and competitive.
  • Professional Associations - Michael, Scott, Steve and Ona are Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) and members of Financial Advice New Zealand. 
  • Professional Designations - Michael, Scott and Steve are Certified Financial PlannersCM ,the highest achievement in the financial planning profession.  Michael and Steve are also Certified Life UnderwritersCM - two of only 37 advisers in New Zealand who hold both these internationally recognised pinnacle designations.  


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Core Values



Excellence in advice by accessing comprehensive research, advanced analysis tools, and highly competent and professional advisers.



Uncompromising integrity and honesty in all we say and do by always placing your best interests before any other consideration.



Excellence in service through unconditional respect for all clients and belief that service will set us apart from our peers.



Absolute commitment to be the best we can be, obtain the highest qualifications available, and continually strive to learn more.


Rede Advisers are KiwiSaver and retirement planning experts and can help you plan ahead of retirement - how much you might need, when you can retire, how best to generate the cashflow you need and reviewing your position regularly to ensure that you know where you stand and are comfortable spending your capital.  


The chart over shows some of the results from a 2015 study completed by the FMA and Commission for Financial Capability.  The survey sought the views of New Zealanders aged 50 years plus on their planning and expectations for retirement.


Planning is clearly the key to ensure that you can enjoy the lifestyle in retirement that you have worked hard all your life for.  Knowing where you are heading, what you need, when you can start receiving it and having comfort that your funds are not going to run out will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.  


Contact us today to discuss your specific circumstances and let us help you get sorted.

Planning for Retirement

Retirees have savings plus NZ Super 88%
Retirees have a financial plan 61%
Non-retirees have a plan? 54%
Know likely expenses in retirement? 42%
Have enough for desired lifestyle 41%
Know your risk tolerance? 24%