Rede Advisers is a Christchurch based financial planning practice that has been providing comprehensive financial advice and planning services since 2003. We hold a Financial Advice Provider licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) to provide financial advice services (FSP 19741).


The Rede Advisers team has four qualified Financial Advisers, two of whom are Certified Financial PlannersCM.  We are members of Financial Advice New Zealand, New Zealand's professional body for advice practitioners in financial planning, insurance, investment and estate planning.


FANZ CFP Trusted Adviser






We are often asked where the 'Rede' in our name comes from.  It is an old-English word which encapsulates what we do; it means.... 


  • to prepare a plan or method, 
  • to set in order and arrange, 
  • to give counsel and advice, and 
  • to take care of and protect.


We provide a tailored personalised service to ensure that financial plans and investment solutions are driven by our clients’ goals and aspirations. This can include advice across a wide range of financial planning aspects as illustrated below. Through the relationship with our team, our clients’ gain clarity and confidence in their financial future; unlocking their true wealth and enabling them to live their best lives.



Rede Financial Planning




Our Core Values



Uncompromising integrity and honesty in all we say and do by always placing your best interests before any other consideration.



Excellence in advice by accessing comprehensive research, advanced analysis tools, and highly competent and professional advisers.



We believe that relationships are paramount to great advice and outcomes, both with clients and other professionals.


Best Service

Excellence in service through unconditional respect for all clients and belief that service will set us apart from our peers.



An absolute commitment to be the best we can be, obtain the highest qualifications available and constantly strive to learn more



We adopt a collaborative team approach to advice and service, ensuring clients receive the best of our collective knowledge, wisdom and experience.