/ Financial Planning

Rede Advisers begins helping you through a process of identification, analysis and strategic planning for the achievement of your personal goals, in the short and long term.

The goal of Financial Planning is the achievement of your lifestyle and retirement goals.  To help you get there, we will create and implement a financial plan, and then review this on an ongoing basis to keep you on track, and work to achieve your specific (and often changing) goals.  This is achieved through the implementation of the 'Rede' six-step process:


Rede Advice Process Flow


1.      Discovery

We meet to discuss your personal and financial position, and plans for the future;
We discuss financial planning; what it is, how we work, our areas of expertise and opportunities for advice;
We agree on a Scope of Service, cost and next steps.

2.      Evaluate Position, Objectives and Preferences

We collate all relevant financial data including ownership of assets;
We assess your "Risk Profile";
We review your goals and objectives and quantify these in our analysis;
We consider your priorities and what 'levers' can be adjusted.

3.      Craft Your Plan

We quantify, both financially and in writing, the reasons why the goals and objectives can / cannot be achieved;
We use cashflow modelling and analysis tools, with our collective experience and expertise to build a recommended solution;
We consider inflation, tax, estate planning and insurances, as well as asset and liability and cash flow issues.

4.    Present and Consider Next Steps

We produce a written financial plan outlining your current situation and objectives, our analysis and recommendations;
We identify the material assumptions used in its preparation, such as inflation, investment, growth;
We present this plan to you, providing the opportunity for discussion and questions.
We discuss the steps we recommend to implement our recommendations.

5.    Implementation

We establish priorities amongst the recommendations to be implemented, including the person responsible, action required and timing;
We prepare all required paperwork and coordinate the implementation of recommendations.
Where required, we may refer matters to other professionals (e.g. accountants, solicitors, insurance specialists, mortgage brokers).

6.    Monitor Progress

We ensure that every financial plan is reviewed on an ongoing basis;
We consider changes in your circumstances and variations from the original plan, incorporating any new information;
We review progress against goals and consider any 'course corrections' required, then implementing any agreed actions.  

The Rede planning process is of the highest calibre, and is founded on principles endorsed by Financial Advice New Zealand. While all steps are important, it is the ongoing relationship that is formed between you and the Rede Advisers team that provides the greatest certainty of achieving these goals. It also means your progress towards your goals is reviewed regularly and changes made to ensure you stay on track and can focus on what is most important - life.